Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ya Mu"iid... The Miracles of Asma Al-Husna



Ya Mu'iid

The Restorer, The Reviver, The Renewer, The Re-Creator

The One who restores and repeats all that has been created. The One who constantly renews, revives and repeats creation.

The One who restores and revives the spiritual essence of every person. The One who repeatedly renews mankind's proper relationship with goodness.

The One who repeatedly restores and revives creation, both physically and spiritually.

From the root '-w-d which has the following classical Arabic connotations:

to return to something
to repeat, reproduce, to come back
to restore, to renew

SubhanaALLAH, remembering my naqibah's word, make your dua' with the beutiful name of ALLAH. Why among 99 names of ALLAH, i choose Ya Mu'iid as my entry? Alhamdulillah by experience the miracles the name of ALLAH, I found my books back.

Actually, this was happen last week, when I have lost my books in the ward. Being energetic to finish clerking the patient was really makes my stress go away. The time was 7.20pm, when I left the ward. Upon reaching home, I yet remember that my Apley's Orthopedic text book and another Orthopedic book was not in my bag. Ya ALLAH, it was felt like a disaster... Losing my book and the exam just around the corner..

But, alhamdulillah, by remembering that I brought the small book of Asma Al-Husna in MPH, with tawakal I searching the names of ALLAH, and found Ya Mu'iid, which means the One who repeats, restores and revives that which had been previously invented. ( in Malay word- Maha Mengembalikan )...

Alhamdulillah, I just got back my books a few days ago. Someone have left the books in Photostatt's shop. ^_^

ALLAHU RABBI, let our heart in the strong relience and love to YOU eventhough we need to lose everything in our life...because You who createth mankind, and who returneth us after life to death...

28 Safar 1432H / 1st February 2011
Alhamdulillah, finished by 6.06pm


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